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Heating & Furnace Services

Troubleshooting, Repair, Maintenance, and Installation

Heating and Furnace Tune Ups

We Give A Duct About Your Heating!

Heating and Furnace Maintenance Services are essential, since Colorado winters are brutal! 

Duct Brothers will help you keep your furnace tuned and your home cozy year round! Duct Brothers is a trusted heating and furnace company in Colorado Springs

We offer top rated heating and furnace services for homes in Colorado Springs, Peyton, Monument, Fountain, Security, Widefield, and all of El Paso County. 

We also offer 24/7 emergency furnace services for all of those unexpected accidents and worst-case-scenarios! 

Learn More about our furnace services, or request a quote to schedule an appointment for one of our HVAC professionals to come your home and provide you with a Heating / Furnace Troubleshooting, Repair, Maintenance or Installation Estimate!

Heating and Furnace Company in Colorado Springs

Our Furnace & Heating Services

Furnace Break Down! Trust us: you don’t want your furnace breaking down in the middle of Colorado’s snowy seasons. It’s important to ensure that you stay on top of your regular furnace maintenance. Ideally, furnaces need to be checked regularly, and they need to be replaced every 10 years. If it’s time for a furnace checkup or you need to replace your outdated furnace, then call us! Duct Brothers is on a mission to make affordable furnace services  accessible to everyone! We offer various furnace troubleshooting, maintenance, repair, and installation services for homes across Colorado. Our heating professionals have experience with all furnace makes, models, and brands.

Furnace Repairs

Furnace broken down? Not acting like it should? It could be in need of repairs! Duct Brothers can repair just about any make and model furnace making them The Best in Furnace Repair in Colorado Springs. We’ll diagnose the problem and repair your furnace at an affordable price.

Furnace Maintenance Plan

Keep your furnace running smoothly year-round with regular furnace maintenance services! We offer specialized furnace maintenance in Colorado Springs. If we discover a problem, then we’ll discuss your options for repairs or replacements.

Furnace Sales & Installation

Need to install a new furnace in your home? Duct Brothers offers affordable furnace sales and installation in Colorado Springs. We’ll help you find the perfect furnace for your home and install it at an affordable price! We also offer financing. Call or tap GET A QUOTE today!

Furnace Inspections

Buying or Selling a Home? Is your furnace acting funny? Not sure what’s causing the heating issues and the cold spots in your home? Our heating specialists will inspect and diagnose the problem with your residential heating unit. We’ll inspect the fans, the blowers, the belts, and more to determine the root of your heating problem.

Filter Replacement & Cleaning

Does your furnace need a new filter? Or maybe your filter just needs a good cleaning? We can help with both! Duct Brothers offers specialized filter replacement and cleaning in Colorado Springs. We’ll inspect your filter and replace or clean it quickly, conveniently, and affordably. Keep the air clean in your home with regular filter maintenance!

Thermostat Calibration

Is your furnace not regulating temperature properly? You might not need to replace your furnace – your thermostat could just need to be re-calibrated! Duct Brothers offers quick and easy thermostat calibration in Colorado Springs. We’ll inspect your heating unit and determine if the thermostat is the culprit.

24/7 Emergency Heating Services

Duct Brothers is the preferred furnace and heating company in Colorado Springs for good reason – in addition to offering some of the lowest cost furnace services and sales, we also offer 24/7 emergency furnace services. 

If you’re currently facing a heating emergency, then don’t delay! Call us today! 

We’ll send out the Duct Brothers heating and cooling professionals to diagnose and resolve your furnace problem as quickly as possible – because We Give A Duct About Your Heat!

If you’re experiencing any of the following, reach out:

  • No Heat
  • Furnace blower won’t shut off and no heat
  • Furnace turns on but no heat
  • Thermostat clicks but no heat
Emergency Furnace Repair in Colorado Springs
Furnace Installation in Colorado Springs

Schedule an Appointment with the Preferred Furnace and Heating Company of Colorado Springs!

If you’re looking to repair, maintain, or replace your home’s furnace, and prefer to have a representative come to your home and provide an estimate, we can do that, too!

Duct Brothers is the go-to furnace and heating company in Colorado Springs. We’re your one-stop-shop for all of your heating and furnace needs. From emergency repairs and replacements to furnace sales and maintenance. We do it all at affordable prices and at as little in inconvenience to you as possible.

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